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Mommypedia Mama:

Are you that mom on the playdate that shares the quick tips, knows where to shop and loves reading the latest articles? Are your mom friends always asking you where you got that, knowing that you got an amazing deal? (500 words, link to the business or website you got your tips from, include a relevant original picture)

A little bit Granola and a whole lot of fun!

We are looking for moms that are fearless and want to hit the hiking trail on a sunny afternoon with their Ergo strapped or discover their community with a bike trailer full of kiddies ready for adventure. If you are that mom that believes that kids need to smell fresh air, eat a bit of dirt and of course climb a tree! If you have a bit of Granola in ya and a love of a camel back when hitting the snowshoe trail then we want your tips! Let us know where you and the hubby were last weekend when getting some fresh air, and let us see a few pics from your trip! (700 Words: Where did you go and how you got there, Top 3 sights, and 2 Tips for those that may check it out!)

Yummy Mommy

We all know the mom that has the cutest diaper bag, knows where to get a great skinny jean when you lost that last 5lbs and can pick the perfect scarf to wear on that pms day to look fabulous. This is the mom that you take to the mall when you are getting ready to return to work and call for help when your closet is a graveyard for fashion and stylists nightmare. If you know how to pick a eyeshadow, layer your mascara for those perfect lashes and can shop like no ones business … send us a line, we need your tips! (500 Words: Where you bought it, Why is this a must have?, and Who needs it)

World Traveler

Before there was kids there was a MEC backpack in your hall closet, a passport filled with stamps and a map on your wall with a few pins that make for great laugh over a coffee date. Now that little Bambino has arrived, not much has changed. You are still packing the bags but with a bit more carry-on then before. You are still planning adventures and you are looking to have kids that have childhood albums filled with Okanagan Summers, European Adventures and a future filled with pen pals from all over the world. If you show off your passport with pride and know how to do it with a few kids in tow, we want your tips! (700 Words: Where did you stay, Top 3 sights, and 2 Tips for those that may check it out!)

Betty Crocker

Can you mix a mean batch of cookies for the playdate? Do you have dinner suggestions that could be reinvented into 2 meals? Do you know what to do with an eggplant that will interest a Toddler? We are looking for your tips on gadgets that make your life easier, recipes that make Rachel Ray look like an amateur and will have the hubby salivating as he walks in the door. And don’t just share that google image … share a pic of your plated perfection on a white plate or those muffins displayed in a basket of yummyness! (Include an original recipe with cooking times, measurements, and instructions.)

Bootcamp Mama

Do you love to get your sweat on? Are you encouraging girlfriends to come to spin or Mom & Babe Bootcamp? And let me guess, your bathroom is filled with Shape Magazine or Fit Pregnancy? We need you to come get your prenatal and postnatal sweat on, and share your fitness tips with our mamas. If you love to sweat and aren’t scared to lace up your running shoes on a rainy day then we need your reviews on local programs, share your fitness tips and taking a pic or two of yourself mid workout. Share your enthusiam for getting fit, reducing stress and why that yoga instructor blew your mind with her tight core. (500 words, link to the business or website you got your tips from, include a relevant original picture)

Do any of these describe you? If they do and you wanna share your mama tips, we will be raffling off a Visa GC of $25 per month to the most popular new post of the month. Pretty simple, share your tips, send us an original picture, and contact details about your self. If you have a blog or company… don’t be shy to share this too!

Welcome To Coquitlam’s Mommy Blog was founded for mamas that looking at their new role of motherhood with excitement and inspiration. The founder Meghan Simington sought to build a community or “village” for her family in children in 2010 with the birth of her first son and daughter in 2012. Feeling blessed with the chance to discover a bit of who she was and the mother she wanted to be, she got inspired and started to connecting with moms just like her.