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What Makes a Vancouver Mom?

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Are you a Lululemon wearing, coffee drinking … SUV driving mom?

Yes, I know we are not all cut from the same cloth but there are a few ‘trends’ that can be seen on the streets around ‘YVR.’ After reading an ‘awesome’ post about ‘How to be a Vancouverite’, I had to laugh out loud. And also think about how many of these points ‘really’ apply to Vancouver moms.

Are all Vancouverites presumed to be coffee drinking, granola munching, breastfeeding fanatics? Are we all baby wearing and eating Kale …

Common Vancouver Mom Conversations?

I may have to add a few words to the list in the Vancouverite article.  ’Awesome,’ is commonly used in Vancouver conversation but form moms we have a few others. But what about ‘really?’ This is a staple in Vancouver. We use this for understanding others parenting choices, the taste of a horrible cup of coffee or the driving skills of that bozo in front of you. But yes we also use ‘totally,’ ‘awesome’ and ‘for sure’ in regular conversation too. Especially when over tired.

But beyond all of this, Vancouverites love to get into a good discussion on ‘extreme parenting’ at the local playground and we also love chatting about how active our families are.

“Did you hear that we rode 7km with our son on his strider?”

“Did you know we climbed the Grouse Grind with Johnny on our back in under an hour?”

“Did you want to join us for kids ski leassons this year?”

and yes… I may be guilty of saying at least 2 of the above. Wearing my Vancouver Mom badge with pride!

10 reasons your diet, shoe choices and shopping challenges make you a Vancouver Mom

  1. Your mountain bike is now mounted with a bike seat and may pull a bike trailer
  2. Babywearing is not a choice it is a fact of life
  3. You have made Kale Chips as a snack for your kids
  4. Sanity is found in a grande caramel macchiato and a 5km walk with the girls
  5. You have discussed cloth diapers at least 100 times in the first year of mommyhood
  6. Hiking 2 hours with your baby is a fun afternoon out
  7. A muddy buddy is mandatory toddler attire
  8. Your most debated purchase for motherhood was a running stroller (Bob vs the Chariot)
  9. A morning smoothies constitutes a family breakfast
  10.  You have done ‘downward dog’ with your infant in a mom and baby yoga class

What do you think makes you a Vancouver Mom?

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