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Toddler Hair Cuts that Won’t Make Your Cringe

May 14, 2012 with 0 Comments

We asked our local moms on Facebook where they recommended to get their little ones hair cut and this was their Top Choices in the Tri-Cities.

Be sure to be clear with your hairstylist of the cut that you want before they start. Also do not be scared off by a high end salon, many of these charge the same price as the ‘kiddy Salons.’ Even if you are not a fan of electronics and your kids, this may be the time to distract them with a Youtube video of Elmo and You Know It on your iPhone or a cookie. Most kids do not like the trimmer so be sure to check if they can do the cut with out and just by using scissors.

I would also recommend looking online for cuts you like before you go and chatting with your little one about the big day. Our family had his hair cut just before his birthday photo shoot at Sparky’s and we had brunch at Rickies after (Kids under 2 Eat for Free). There is nothing like a plate of free pancakes to make any toddler forget a big ordeal.

My little man chose the Airplane to sit in for his haircut and generally enjoyed the whole event. He loved having a little TV playing Thomas and it was only me shed those first few tears! I have to say that it was one of the harder ‘growing up’ milestones that moms moms endure and be prepared to shed a few tears as you little one suddenly goes from a baby face to a full on toddler. As the months have progressed, my son now has his hair cut with Daddy Downtown and loves his afternoon of having all the ladies in the salon shower him with attention and have lunch in Granville Island after. I also prefer the quality of the hair cut at the ‘adult’ salon as his hair is thick and they properly layer the front and back.


Cristina PC - Sparky’s at Coquitlam Centre. She has super curly hair and they do a decent job. It’s not an expert haircut or style by any means but it’s convenient and because of the chairs, tv’s and rewards my daughter is willing to get haircuts most of the time.

Fernanda Fatio ”Sparkys is a matter of luck. My daughter has this extra thick long hair and I normally ask just for a trim and bangs. They managed to cut the bangs in a diagonal. :/”

Alex Malcolm ”I need a place too! I’ve taken my son to the place in Coquitlam Center and they never asked if he’d had a razor used on him before…needless to say he was terrified and the cut was awful (I didn’t want her to “fix” anything, I couldn’t handle the tears and the fact that she had me holding my sons head into my chest to keep him still!). It was also quite expensive,with tax and tip (and an extra $2 for balloon for my daughter) almost $30. And I also need someone for curly hair but for myself, lol! We’ve just moved back to Coquitlam and I need to find a new stylist. Not to mention a new Dr. But that’s a whole other can of worms….”

Helena Wennerth Erasmus ”I love anywhere that has the fun chairs in the shape of cars/planes and a Tv with cartoons playing. It’s agreat distraction and usually means that have someone expereinced they getting the job done quickly with the squimy ones.”


Krista Langtry ”If your already willing to spend $30 then go to Angelo’s on St John’s. They don’t use a razor on my 2 year old son instead they properly shorten and trim it so it looks nice. No crooked bangs. They also do a great job on my 8 years a old hair that is thick and requires layering and they don’t mess up my 6 year old’s bangs either! I believe kids cuts are $20-25. I’ve also used Mint on Clarke and they are kid friendly too, and also do a proper cut.”

Sarah Davey ”I go to angelos for my own hair and it’s great. I’ve taken G to sparky’s once and it was OK…but so expensive! We have a family wedding in may so I’m hoping to find a better place to go before that. Luckily, worse case he looks great with a shaved head and we do that at home with beard trimmers.”


Mel Monty ”MINT is great…my daighter loves going for french braids and sparkles in her hair, my son doesnt seem to mind all the ladies around him, and they all want to take turns holding my youngest…while I get my hair trimmed up too :) :) Children’s cut $20″

Alex Malcolm ”Mel Monty, i think you sold me on Mint Hair Lounge with the french braids and sparkles…well for my daughter anyways! I’ll worry about my sons once it finally grows out. I don’t know why I never though about a “grown up” salon for my kids before!! thanks so much for a great topic :)

Sharon Chong – “Thanks for posting this Meg! Took your advice and the advice of other postings here and Logs is now sporting an awesome new do from Mint Hair Lounge. He had Brittany and she did really well with him. He sat like a good little boy through the whole thing. He has had a few cuts already and this was by far the most stress free experience to date!”

Lorraine ”I took my 5 yo son to see Brittany at Mint yesterday because of the great recommends here and it was a success! The stylists and staff were all very friendly and went out of their way to ensure a great visit offering juice and balloons! I’ve been taking my son to Nikki’s Kids & Family Hair on St John St. since he was 18 months but now that’s he’s older he’s outgrown the kids’ car and bike chairs and play area so Mint is a great step up for him plus he wanted a faux hawk and Brittany did a great job!”

Remix Hair Studio

Meghan Simington – This is hair salon is located across the street form Coquitlam Centre and these guys love kids… one of the owners has her own set of super cute twins!

 Great Clips

Tina Justine TimberSkate Kuefler ”Great Clips! Especially for boys! They are quick and less expensive than the gimmicky kid salons! Don’t be fooled by the car chairs and tv’s…”

Kids Cutland on St.Johns

(Address: #B-2624 St Johns St, Port Moody - Phone: 604-937-7455)

Carlie Collins Jimenez: Kids cutland on st johns

Refresh in Suterbrook

Alison Green-Jamieson ”Refresh was great for our son in Suterbrook. It was $12-15 my 2 1/2yr old son fell in love with the pretty hairdresser Brittany,lights and mirrors and sat so nicely for her it was great we’ll be back this week”

Il Destino

Heather Hooton ”Reilly just had her first hair cut by Remy Nizzar-Nazemi at il Destino Hair Salon and Spa in Port Moody on St Johns. She sat like a princess and Remy did a fantastic job!! Children under 12 are around $20″

Superstore by SilverCity

Helena Wennerth Erasmus i Just discovered that Superstore by Silvercity Coq has this and kids under 12 is about $12. Yet to try it out though.

  • Great kids haircut for my toddler today $14.99 inside Coquitlam Superstore by Silvercity, stylist was wonderful, she watched a video & sat on a tractor, we’ll definitely return

  • Excellent hours too, we were there at 9:30am on a Sunday

There are so many hair places in the Tri-Cities, so we encourage you to submit your favorites too!

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