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Starting Solids? Tips & Give-Away for the SquishySnakPak

Snacks To Go?

Looking to take your first solids on the move? Recently I discovered Squishy Sak Paks as a great solution to taking purees on the move. These great little snak packs allow you load up the bottom with ziplock type access. The best part is that these pak’s are washable, reusable, BPA free and make snack time much easier in those early months of solid foods. I would even recommend these for older toddlers smoothies, puddings or yogurt snacks. After years of picking up Presidents Choice disposable snack packs, this was a great discovery. Not only will you save tons with reusable packaging but you will also know exactly what you are serving up!  Retail: 2 packs for $9.99

Want to win a Squishy Snak Pak?

We have 4 Squishy Snack Packsup 4 grabs for 4 of our readers. All you have to do is head over to our Facebook Page and tag yourself in our Squishy Snak Pak Give-away for a chance to win. We will be selecting our winner onThursday September 19th and announcing in our next Newsletter on Friday.

Are you Starting Solids?

If you struggling to find a recipe for their first foods? I remember back to the days with my son wondering what was the best foods to start with. How much, what texture and what about allergies?

CoquitlamMommy’s Advice

My top tips would be:

  1. Get adventurous. Don’t be scared of spices and flavour.
  2. Let them make a mess.
  3. Give them options and let them learn about all of the different textures.
  4. My go-to’s for both kids were always avocado, papaya and sweet potato’s.
  5. I also made a regular visit to the local produce market to pick up a wide selection of foods I could put in my crockpot for cooking.
  6. I also used my ice trays for freezing and transferred cubes to large ziplock bags for selection when choosing meals.

Top First Food Resources:

Starting solids is alway a stress for many moms. As a busy mom of two I have my few go-to sources for checking the latests on infant nutrition and would recommend you take a look if you are feeling concerned.

  1. Wondering when to start solids? 4-6 month Food Diary, 6-8 Month Food Diary, 9-12 Month Food Diary
  2. Wondering about Allergy Concerns? Eggs, Strawberries, Honey, Meat, or Wheat? Read more here.
    1. Honey is one of the most overlooked foods to be avoided? There are possibilities of the spread of botulism that can be spread in honey and the young digestive system can not handle. Read more from theGovernment of Canada
    2. Does your little one have a milk protein allergy? Print this list for Milk Protein Foods to avoid.
  3. Thinking of going vegetarian with your infant? Great tips on the Australian resource. (Consult your doctor)
  4. Do you have questions about breastfeeding and starting solids? Read the WHO recommendations
  5. Concerns about choking? Always call 911 first before attempting to perform any CPR. Remember that gagging and chocking are different. Many courses run throughout the city

What was your babies first foods?

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