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Local Love Contest: My Favourite Blanket – Spit Up Humour?

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It’s hard to find spit up funny!

Especially breast milk! But let’s face it spit up happens! 

Last year while walking in my newborn mommy fog through the Once Upon a Baby Fair at the Roundhouse, the My Favourite Blanket booth had me stop in my tracks. Not just because of their gorgeous handmade quilts, but for their spit-up blankets that were crafted with an edgy humour that all sleepless moms need. Since I was deep in the trenches of baby number two, 2 years apart an both in diapers … this was just the kinda joke I needed.

Spit-up & Score!

Ever feel like you could cry when you see that precious breast milk come back up? I think we all do! There you are at 2 am, trying to get a latch, better yet get back to bed and grab a few z’s before baby needs to feed again. And yes, there she goes again. Spitting up most of what she just took in and you are wanting to cry.

These burp cloths add a little humour with a bulls eye and bonus points for those tear filled moments. (Bamboo & Cotton) $35

Honest Washcloth Bundle

Wipe Faces with a Smile!

We’ll just leave at this… 3 facecloths that will even give your hubby a chuckle.

  • Lather Rinse Repeat
  • Caution Regurgitation May Occur
  • Peas, Get, Everywhere

Who is My Favourite Blanket?

Local pupet maker and designer Bronwen Kyffin thinks up just what the little ones need to fill their dreams with hippos and Treasure hunts. But also has a little edge to fill that baby shower bag with a gift that will stand out in the crowd. I love her punch of colour, that she is local and her choice of jersey fabrics and heirloom design.

Looking for a special blanket for your little one? Check out herAlphabet blankets… a christmas must-have for sure!

Wanna Win?

Head on over to our Facebook Page and Tag yourself to the photo for a chance to win! Winner will be chose on Sunday September 22nd.


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