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Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Home Use

Vacuum cleaners are wonderful appliances that allow you to keep your home looking great, but the thing to remember is that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. There is no perfect vacuum cleaner, there is only the vacuum cleaner that is perfect for you. Consider some of the important aspects of getting the vacuum that is right for your needs at

First, remember that the more frequently you vacuum, the lighter your vacuum cleaner can be. For example, if you are someone who vacuums on a daily basis, you can largely get by and do well with a light stick-style model. Because you are vacuuming so often, the dust load never gets too heavy. On the other hand, if you vacuum only once a week or a few times a month, you are likely going to find that a canister model or a model that is held upright is going to be required for your needs.

However, also remember the scope of your home. If you are living in a large two story home, for example, a stick-style model is just too small to get the job done. The larger your home is, the sturdier your vacuum will have to be to account for it.

Another thing to consider is power. Remember that a good vacuum is a device that freshens your environment as well as clean your carpets. If you are someone who has breathing issues or you just want to make sure that your vacuuming is getting sediments out of your environment, choose a vacuum that is rated as having more than 200 watts.

For the best air quality possible, you will want a bag model. A bag model requires you to replace the bag on a regular basis, but when the vacuum cleaner is full, you simply throw the bag away. In a bagless model, where you open the vacuum’s canister and dump the dirt out, there is a chance that the grit will enter the home again in an airborne form. Deciding on whether you want a bagless model that has great suction or a bag model that prevents airborne contamination is a personal decision.

In terms of features, vacuums come with a lot of them, but the two to watch out for is the shape of the head, which should be as streamlined and sleek as possible, and for a spinning brush, which is great for cleaning carpet and furniture fiber.

Consider what you need from a vacuum and how you are going to get those needs met!

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