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Upcoming Workshop: Baby Meets Broccoli, Infant Nutrition (4-9 month) with Dietitian Kristen Yarker

May 1, 2012 with 0 Comments

Taste & Texture Transitions:

Infant Nutrition Workshop – 4-9 Months

Time: 2:30-4:30    Price: $30.00 (Includes: light appetizers, beverages and take home materials) - Buy Tickets Now!

Location: Joey’s Restaurant, Coquitlam, BC (Private Room Upstairs, elevator access, baby friendly!)

Calling all parents: Are you struggling on how to start solids? Kristen Yarker of Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting will be discussing how to introduce solids, start off right and work out a meal plan for the coming months.

Parenting an infant isn’t easy. This workshop will share strategies for you to support your child to become a good, healthy eater. Topics include identifying and dealing with age-appropriate behaviours, how to avoid battles at meal times, progressing from baby food to adult food, and knowing if your child is eating enough. Also includes finger food samples.

Bio: Kristen Yarker, MSc, Dietitian of Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting transforms picky eaters into food-confident kids. And, makes mealtime the quality family time that parents desire (with less struggle, time, and energy). Kristen has been a registered dietitian for 8 years and is a picky eater turned food-lover herself. She is a dietitian behind Toddlers First Steps and other BC Health resources. She combines tried-and-tested techniques with an expertise in the current science regarding nutritional needs.

Eventbrite - Baby Meets Broccoli: Infant Nutrition (4-9 month) with Nutritionist Kristen Yarker

Looking for a few tips to get you started?

Read Kristens Yarkers Guest Post:  There’s No Benefit from Starting Solids Early (and There May be Harm)

It’s not only children who experience this transition. It’s a transition for parents too! It can be very emotional to start to see your baby fading away and being replaced by a toddler. Kristen lists a few steps to get you started and make this transition smoother for new parents.(Read More…)

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