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Who is is a community for moms to connect, learn, play and share information both online and face to face.  We provide a variety of services including posting articles about parenting, reviewing the multitude of baby and kid products on the market, and hosting local events to help moms & their children connect with the Community. Above all, we help moms connect and stay connected with each other in our community. is run by a group of moms dedicated to helping other moms in the community.  The Tri-Cities has the largest number of families in the Lower Mainland.  By organizing events to explore the area, reviewing local products and companies, and sharing helpful information we’re empowering moms with knowledge, giving them access to the resources they need for their families, and helping them connect with each other.

When was founded? was founded in the summer of 2010 when one of our mom’s found herself itching to get out and do something with her newborn.  Not knowing many moms in the area, she reached out to the moms from her prenatal class and started a Facebook group community. There were then able to keep track of play-dates and activities and to share the experiences of motherhood with each other.  Since then, the group has grown considerably and is now a fully functional online community with Yummy Mommy Events, Post-Natal Classes and Drop-in Events in tandem with the Community Rec Centers. This group has also taken on fund-raising for community projects and educates with Newsletters and within the Website & Social Media Communities.

Who Is a Coquitlam Mommy?

Our demographic is made up of moms (and some dads) ranging from 28-45 years of age who are interested in actively building an inclusive community for their kids and themselves. We cover everything from healthcooking, beauty, product reviews and family activities in their community.  Our parents include first time moms struggling to access resources in the community and we also welcome 2nd and 3rd time moms. With newborns or grown children, these women hope to connect with other women with similar values. These mom’s usually are the main decision makers in the home when it comes to where they shopwhat to buy, and where to eat.  These moms like to follow trends and headlines, like to be ‘in the know’, and spend wisely but spend big. This unique group of women pride themselves on staying active through activities such as snowshoe tripshiking and swimming with their little ones. Our community loves social media an interacts with our Twitter, Facebook and Meet-up Communities. This isn’t just a bunch of Suburban Housewives; this is a inspired, educated and social group that prides themselves with the Tri-City community they call home.

What can offer you?

With a reach of over 1500 unique readers, offers you access to a growing number of moms in the Tri-Cities and beyond. This is an educated bunch of women and they get tired of the constant flow of traditional marketing overwhelming them with products and services. These are moms that are looking for regional and first hand referrals from a community they trust. Most importantly these are moms that are socially active and love to share your tips or links with other moms both online and face to face… and get your product in their hands.

How can work with you? provides a variety of services that will help you connect with the moms in the Tri-Cities.  These include:

  • Advertise on or our weekly newsletter (Starting at $40 for a reach of over 6500 page impressions)
  • Submit a product for Review or submit a mom focused article about your service for our newsletter
  • Sponsor a ContestEvent, or dedicated email
  • Come Speak to our Baby and Me Drop-In session & share valuable information with new moms (0-1 year) Breastfeeding, Finance, Nutrition, Fitness, Classes and more
  • Offer a coupon/perk/promo code for our members for our Group or Website

Newsletter Sponsorship

Banner advertising and article coverage will appear in our Coquitlam Newsletter and is available in bi-monthly increments. Our newsletter is direct mailed to 225 members, 2x per month and covers events, tips and article coverage for our readers. These subscribers are generated using our online form or face to face our Special Events, Drop-in Groups, Social Meet-up Events and through our social media feeds.

Cost:  (Based on 2 issues per month)


Our readers love to win prizes and this is a great way to promote your business or product.  We will write a review (min 100 words) including your branding, a link to your site, and product picture.  The contest will be promoted through all social media including TwitterFacebook and discussion boards.  Both the review and the contest will be archived on our site, providing a permanent link to your site.

Speaker Opportunities

Our moms are always seeking inspiration, information and ideas on how to better parent. We host training seminars on a weekly basis at Kyle CentreUnique Ladies NightsFundraisers or in private training sessions.

Cost: Depending on content and speakers readership. Please contact for more details. (


Banner Advertising & Button Advertising

Get your brand distributed to our 6000+ Page Impressions. Banner advertising will appear on every page of Coquitlam  and is available in one month increments.

Cost:  (Preview Layout Options)  (Based on 3 month Contracts)

Have our Moms Test your Product

Provide a products for our ‘real moms’ to review. Your product will be reviewed by 3-5 real moms and all will submit their personal opinion of your product. These are moms that can be chosen based on your product, ranging in age from 0-36 months. We will include it in a relevant article or feature on our website, twitter and facebook feed with a first hand opinion from one of our moms.

Cost: Contact us for more details

Please send sample and contact info to:  1004-2959 Glen Dr,  Coquitlam, BC V3B 0B8

Booking a sales meeting with our team is the first step to discuss this unique opportunity. We will specifically tailor our sales package to meet your specific business sales and market development goals.



Email: meghan(at)

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Welcome To Coquitlam’s Mommy Blog was founded for mamas that looking at their new role of motherhood with excitement and inspiration. The founder Meghan Simington sought to build a community or “village” for her family in children in 2010 with the birth of her first son and daughter in 2012. Feeling blessed with the chance to discover a bit of who she was and the mother she wanted to be, she got inspired and started to connecting with moms just like her.