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5 tips for Getting in the Photographs

As I flip through the photographs on my phone and computer I see an adorable smiling little girl with a pink hat on, a little boy with mud-caked hands and a grin from ear to ear and one of my husband chasing after both of them during an ear-splitting game of tag in the park.
But where am I? Behind the camera, of course.

Sound familiar?

As a mama I know just how easy it is to put everyone else in the family first and that holds true when taking photographs as well.  It’s time that your role in the family was firmly documented.  Ten years from know, when your littles look back through the photographs, they’ll be happy to see you in them.

This week I encourage you to set the intention to be in your family’s photographs. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Hand over your camera. When you’re at the park with friends this week, ask your girlfriend to take a photograph of you with your littles.
  2. Set the timer.  Most cameras have a timer function that allows you to press the button and run into the photograph. I’ve been known to prop my iphone up against a tissue box and use the timer function in the ProCamera app. The best thing about using an iphone is that you can actually see what you look like right before the shutter clicks.
  3. Take a selfie. Zoom your camera out as far as it will go and hold your phoneat arm’s length.  Make sure you push your chin a little bit forward and down to avoid the dreaded double chin.

When you’re taking photographs of you and your littles without another adult there to lend a hand there’s a few things you can do to increase your chances of a good one. Make sure you take a lot of photographs. Because you can’t see yourself (or your littles) there’s a good chance someone’s going to be talking, have their eyes closed or be in an otherwise unflattering position. Having a variety to choose from means you’re more likely to get a great one.

Set yourself up on an uncluttered background. Your bed (with the nightstands cleared off) or on a plain wall somewhere in your house with the toys kicked to the side are both great options. One of our favourite places to do selfies is on the floor of my little girl’s room – there’s great light and, if we’re sitting on the floor, a nice stretch of blank wall.

And finally, find some great light. If possible position yourself beside a nice big window (preferably north facing), turn off the overhead lights and fire away.

While I’m a firm advocate of being in your own everyday photographs, I also encourage you to book an annual session with a professional family photographer who gives a little extra attention to the family photographs and not just the ones of your littles.

We love selfies over here but we also make sure we have a professional photograph our family every year. Having an hour or two with someone devoted to capturing your family in their best light goes a long way. There are photographers for all price ranges, just make sure you take a look through their portfolio at the images that have mamas in the shot so you’ll get a general idea of how you’ll be portrayed in the photographs.

Bio: Jenn Di Spirito Photography

A portrait experience with Jenn Di Spirito Photography isn’t just about getting beautiful images of your little ones to adorn your walls – though you’ll get that too. It’s also about making sure you love the way you look and feel in your family portraits, giving you a cherished heirloom to treasure for years to come. And 30 years from now, your children will thank you.

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