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5 Insider Tips to an Amazing Rainy Day Playdate

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Ever wonder what the formula to a perfect playdate is? Keep in mind that I have a 3 year old and a 12 month old, but here are my ‘insider tips.’

The Goldfish Factor!

Choice is Key! Looking for a great playdate spot starts with having a few options ready for your tots. As your little one grows older, their patience for single task can be very limited. I like to take along a few options for redirecting bored behaviour without needing to manage their playdate.

  • Many play centres have indoor playgrounds, and rides to keep activity moving
  • Activity tables are great for communal fun
  • Strong Start, local libraries and play centres have organized activities many times a week that can make for a great meet-up or playdate
  • Outdoor play-dates we always bring along chalk for the road, a soccer ball, bubbles and our bikes.

Plan for Friends!

Keep in mind that you will have company. Playdates can quickly head downhill if you have forgotten to pack enough snacks to share or pulled out a toy that is not a share friendly activity. If you plan ahead, you save heart breaks and the possibility of needing to head home early!

  • Sharable snacks (Goldfish, fruit salad, mini sandwich bites, cheese and crackers or seaweed snacks)
  • Sharable toys like colouring pages and crayons or play-dough
  • Seek and Find Sticker books are also great for toddlers to work together

Have an Exit Plan

Preparing your tots for the worst case scenario before heading into a playdate is a great way to set the stage on how your playdate can be a ‘fundate.’ Many children like the reminder of what is ok behaviour and will feel proud after the playdate. Be sure to use positive communication! “Mommy would love to see you play with your friends using gentle hands, and inside voices.”

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